Visit Cervia

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Along the streets of the Centre

Looking for a different postcard to send to friends?... So what are you waiting for, take a look around and discover the many artistic wonders that are just a stone's throw from our hotel! From Piazza Garibaldi, the heart of the city, begins the journey in the historic quadrilateral: the cathedral (17th century), the Town Hall (18th century).

From the square you can reach the Municipal Theatre in a few steps, a real jewel. Along the canal, you can see the most important examples of industrial archaeology in Cervia: The Salt Warehouses and the San Michele Tower. In the garden in front of the Magazzini there is a fountain called "IL TAPPETO SOSPESO", designed by Tonino Guerra.

Saline di Cervia

The Salt Lake

An environment of great natural and landscape interest. The Visitor Centre is the starting point for guided tours of the Cervia Salt Lake.

Magazzini del Sale Cervia

Salt Warehouses

The Tower Warehouse was born for the need to store the salt collected by the salt miners, today inside the Museum "MUSA" houses an important part of history of Cervia.

Porto Canale Cervia

Canal Harbour

A focal point of the nightlife among restaurants and cocktail bars for fantastic aperitifs at sunset in a truly characteristic setting.

A country that never ceases to enchant

Pleasant and interesting alternatives to beach life:
magnificent walks in the nearby pine forest, long cycle paths, Adriatic Golf Club, Horse riding "Le Siepi",
Tennis club, bromine and iodine thermal baths, natural park and ancient salt pans, as well as numerous tourist routes.

Escursioni in Romagna

San Marino

The oldest Republic in Europe since 2008, with its historic centre and Mount Titano, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Escursioni in Romagna


Ancient medieval and thermal village, it is the jewel of the luxuriant Lamone valley. A hospitable place, rich in traditions, flavours and architectural beauties.

Escursioni in Romagna


One of the most attractive cities in Romagna known for its beauty and for having given birth to a concentration of intellectuals and artists.

The Riviera of Parks

Europe's largest Parks District groups 11 Parks on the Emilia Romagna Riviera
offering many offers, designed to meet all requests:
water parks, wildlife parks, unique natural scenery, biodiversity, adrenaline-fuelled attractions of all kinds.

Parchi Divertimento in Romagna
Natural Park

Cervia - Nature park

Parchi Divertimento in Romagna
Maze of Daedalus

Savio di Ravenna - Eco park

Parchi Divertimento in Romagna
Butterfly House

Milano Marittima - Eco park

Parchi Divertimento in Romagna
Zoo Safari

Ravenna - Safari park

Parchi Divertimento in Romagna

Ravenna - Thematic park

Parchi Divertimento in Romagna

Cesenatico - Water park

Parchi Divertimento in Romagna
Italia in Miniatura

Rimini - Thematic park

Parchi Divertimento in Romagna

Riccione - Water park