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Amusement Parks on the Adriatic Coast

cervia Natural Park

Milano Marittima - Natual itinerary

5,3 km

he Natural Park of Cervia with its 27 hectares of pine forest, established in 1963, was created in order to preserve a significant part of the natural environment, while making it accessible by tourists and visitors.The park is home to different animals, both wild species and domestic typical "farm." Thanks to a botanical path could be made aware of the typical vegetation of the pine wood of Cervia. The Natural Park is a place where you can spend hours of absolute quiet, and discover the scents and sounds forgotten, re-establishing the contact with nature that man has long since lost. 

the Riviera parks

The District Parks biggest in Europe includes 11 parks on the Riviera of Emilia Romagna proposing many offers, designed to meet all requirements: water parks, wildlife, unique natural scenery, biodiversity, thrills of all types.

Casa delle Farfalle

Milano Marittima - Eco Park

6,9 km


Ravenna - Theme Park

13,8 km

safari ravenna

Ravenna - Safari Park

12,2 km

atlantica Park

Cesenatico - Water Park

8,1 km

Italia in miniatura

Rimini - Theme Park

24,1 km

la ruota

Rimini - Ferris wheel

31,9 km


Rimini - Theme Park

36,1 km


Riccione - Theme Park

43,2 km


Riccione - Water Park

43,4 km